Eduardo Thomas

Tech & Life

VR Project: Box Shooter

A Virtual Reality game that consist of shooting as many boxes as you can before the time runs out.



View the source code Github or Download it on the Play Store.

Unity 3D Project: Galaxy Shooter

Destroy as many enemies as you can


Play it Online: Galaxy Shooter or view the source code: Github.

Unity 3D Project: Roller Madness

A little game where you control a ball and have to pick all coins while being pursued by a lot of enemies.


Play it Online: Roller Madness or get the source code: Github.

VR Project: Whack A Mole VR

A Whack a Mole game in Virtual Reality for Google Cardboard.



View More: Github

Unity 3D Project: Solar System Simulation

A simple solar system simulation in Unity 3D with just the Sun, Earth and Moon.

Solar System Simulation


View More: Github / Online Version